Wrong number of posts


Hello, I have a nationwide page with multiple (40+) business location pages on Facebook. “Business Name” and then location pages “Business Name” (London)", “Business Name” (Manchester), and so on.

I generate reports for these locations separately. In Socialinsider, I choose my project, all the pages are connected, I click “facebook” in the benchmarks menu in the top left corner and I choose my date range. All the pages load with separate statistics for each one, with fans, reach, engagement, posts, etc.

In here, the number of posts during the date range I chose is not the same as the actual number of posts on the page in that date range.

For example, this page https://tinyurl.com/y5msjzuf is reporting 2 posts between 06/05/2019 and 19/05/2019 when in reality, there have been 3 posts during that time period. What is the reason for this?

First, I thought that Socialinsider operates and reports in an American timezone, for example, EST, and me being in the UK, using GMT, is causing the issue. However, the 3 posts in question happened on 10th, 15th, and 17th of May, which, even if I was whole 24 hours off because of the timezone difference, should still be in the chosen date range. I went to page settings and changed the timezone to +00:00 London. This still didn’t fix the issue. All my pages are set to “default” timezone and it would take a lot of time to change one by one. Can you please confirm which timezone is the “default”?

Can you please investigate this reporting issue? I am out of ideas as to why the incorrect number of posts is being reported.

P.S.: This is not a single incident on a single page. It happens on multiple pages.


Hey Lukas - this is easily fixable on your end by re-adding the pages to the project. You don’t need to remove them, just go through the add flow again. It should trigger a re-scan of all of them and fix the issues.