Whitelabel reports


We just released a new version of the app.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

:point_right::point_right:New Report format :point_left::point_left:

They now generate instantly and they can use your logo and brand colour :smiley:

Click the Cog icon next to the PPT REPORT button to select yours.


Also, they are now in a pptx format. That makes them editable and printable.

Exporting socialinsider data
Print Friendly Pages or Reports

Great update! Reports are much better like this, thanks.


This is an awesome update. I already downloaded and white-labeled my client’s August report; I can’t wait for her feedback!


All the kudos go to Andrei who single-handedly coded the whole thing.


Thanks for doing this. Keep these excellent developments coming!

Update: I’ve just created my first report; it looks really good. Thank you! :grinning: