What does the range “Last Month” translate to?


I try to pull last month data from Page, which means July period as of today, so logically I select “Last Month” but got error message:

“We only show fans that reacted with the page in the last 30 days. Please select a start date after Aug-01.”

Also when I add a new Page, I got offer to extend the range (small text “need more data?” located under big button) will get an email. But that email never come.

Any video/FAQ explaining this?



Hey there. It seems like the Fans only loads fans if the period selected is 30 days while a month might have more (31 days in this case). We’re going to readjust this soon.

Related to the emails when scanning the page, we stoped sending those as we improved scanning to make it faster and we couldn’t send a reliable notification anymore.

We removed the mention saying that you will get an email until we will implement a proper way of notifying the users.