UI Suggestion For Dashboard


Hey Guys,

I haven’t used social insider too long because of your UI and I have also a license 2 month on Social Baker. Now I used back and I saw the new design at Login Page and I felt “Wow. Finally, I got new UI to view the data sexy” but now your UI(even UX) still suck. I’m sorry to say that but I really hoping you guys and wanting to get better UI.

Here I attached the UI from one of my friends who use their own internal social media monitoring tool. You can easily know what’s different between them and you.The marketer who using social insider really care about data but we also care about interface and graphs.

And REPORT DESIGN !! Do you really think I can send your report to my client without redesign ? If you thinking your design are still fine to beat the other competitors tools, that’s fine . . I’m juz here to support you . :’)


Hey there,

An UI can’t make everybody happy, but we feel like we made a step in the right direction.

While i get that you are a bit upset, it would be more than helpful to steer this conversation towards suggestions for improving the UI/UX.

What would look great for you :smiley: ?


Firstly, I’m sorry for my previous msg look like aggressive but I hope you can understand my point of direction. :slight_smile:

Now, let me suggest something to improve UI.

The first one is Graph Design- I strongly recommend to use http://www.chartjs.org/. I think you are now using HighChart,may be right or wrong but you should check the library what I mentioned because we also have experience with High Chart and in the someplace , chartjs is better to show to data.(especially in bar graphs and line graphs).

The second thing is size - Some of the graph size can little bit high and should try Donut Chat is some graph like “THE MOST ENGAGED POST TYPES”. When you used the “Social Baker” , most of the data are very similar with yours but they show their data with different design with different position, what I’m feeling is they have more better data than yours.(That’s why I said some of the UXs in yours design is not good)

The final thing is report - if above all the things will come good, I hope the report will easy for you guys.

Best Regards,



There are some graphs in our UI that could look better and we’re going to update their styling a bit to match the rest of the app. Making the slightly smaller is a first step.

We may have a bias related to pie/donut charts - they seem to not look so good, but we’ll try experimenting with them :slight_smile:

And talk about the reports - it’s really hard to nail it there but I guess we’ll get in touch with a design person to steer us on the right path - we know they are really valuable and that people need them to look grand :smiley:

Thanks for being here for us :heart_eyes: