Twitter Analytics Would Be A Perfect Fit


Having Twitter on the list to add in the future would be a great choice. Many of us marketers are using Twitter to engage 1 on 1 with customers and businesses.


So, twitter - we built it and at about 50-60% we stopped working on it because at the time most of our clients were asking for instagram.

Now the roadmap is - october instagram - december twitter. Gonna be a great year.


Twitter please! It’s still my primary social network for the personal brand and my business


waiting for twitter. Is there any news for Twitter ? What happened to it after it was built 50-60% ?


Still built and shelved. At the moment we feel that we’re at 70% with instagram and would like to build at least 20% more on that.

We’d like to give complete offerings and not to spread ourselves too thin and not be really good across the board.


any news about that 20% ?


What’s the status of Twitter Analytics?


no reply? nobody care about us :frowning:


There there, we’re around - it’s just that Twitter has been postponed while we tackle some issues that are more pressing for all of our users.(A long postponed redesign is one of them).

In the meantime it would be really useful if you could help us out with some KPI’s or stats that you’d like to be present in the Twitter Analytics module :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, we’re doing our best :slight_smile:


I would find interesting

Demographic info
Active or not active follower
When they last posted on there tweeter to see if they are active


Any news about the Twitter development?