Training? Is there some available


I just picked up socialinsider and i am wondering if there is some training on how to use this product correctly?? I am at a loss and not sure where to start.
some training would be helpful?


Hey there.

We don’t currently having training material set up, but you could start exploring by adding a page or two for monitoring and taking a look at what insights the app delivers.

Diving into the FAQ section might also answer some of the questions that arise.


okay, thanks man. I will check out the FAQ and add a couple of pages.

Thanks again


Adina wrote some great pieces on our blog here.
You can start with this piece about coffee brands engagement or this one on fast food to get a feel.



Thanks for posting that link for the blog. Much appreciated.


Hey @razvan - thanks for those links.

I’m seeing quite a number of requests for a guide on how to get the most out of Social Insider. Are you guys actively working on a guide along those lines?

There’s huge potential for the tool but without some guidance I think a lot of its power is going to waste.