Socialinsider affiliates


We’ve been asked this a lot so we put a little page here to gather some addresses to release this program.

But we have some questions - since we never did this before - if some of you have experience in this

  • what software should we use?
  • what payment processor is best suited for this? And in general - should we handle payments at this level?
  • affiliates / resellers / rebranding?
  • any advice for first timers?




See if you can get lifetime of ThriveCart - has built in affiliate platform - no fees if you get the lifetime which should be avialble


Thanks! I’ll check them out


Great support and guy behind it, Josh Bartlet, here’s the Facebook group for the product:


I use ThriveCart as well and love it. It’s got a good affiliate platform but Josh hasn’t launched TC to the public yet. I


Hey, ThriveCart sounds great. Do you have their one-time payment link? As I can’t find any on their main website. :sweat_smile:


Just hit the facebook group and grab a link from Josh … Thrivecart has been the best investment for my business to date … and the affiliate feature is really nice!


Me To! Its so nice to not have to pay Samcart 100$ a month anymore.