Same Fan Shows Multiple Times


On some pages, when I choose the ‘Fans’ tab, I noticed that some of the fans showing up are listed multiple times. They do show as having different extensions. However, when I click their name, it opens to the same person each time. Any idea why someone would show up multiple times? I’ve included a screenshot of a download of the fans from the page in question so you can see it. Thanks!


Thanks - we’re aware of this issue - and we figured out why this happens. I think in the following 2 weeks we’ll solve it


Ok, thanks for getting back on this.



Same fan name…different fan ID/user #, that’s interesting.


Yes, it is odd. When click on the fan’s name on either, it goes to the same person.


It’s because we get the fan info with 2 different apps.
The profile ids are hashed with the apps ids so they get linked to the app that requested that particular fan (the new id is called app_scoped_id).

Sometimes we need to scan a page with 2 different apps resulting this.
For example one of the times is when 2 clients put the same page and it gets scanned twice.

We don’t have a fix yet - a simple fix is to uniq the fans list on the name - although it’s not perfect - we found a test case with an indian page with a lot of different people with the same name commenting on the same page.

When we improve the fans page we’ll fix this too. 2-3 weeks as i (always) say :))