Roadmap Updates


So september was a fenomenal month - and it’s not even over. We wrote A LOT of code and pushed so many features:

  • ppt export
  • folders for pages
  • instagram in BETA
  • moving pages around
  • multi compare for pages in folder
  • boosted posts BETA
  • affiliates system
  • payment with fastspring
  • 3x faster loading dashboard
  • fans tab fixes

So now we had to udpate our initial roadmap.

Some things we postponed after instagram and some things we postponed because nobody seemed to care about them.

Check it out here.


Hey Razvan. How does one apply to be a beta tester or do you not currently do this?



We’ll send email invites this week, probably by Thursday or Friday - we’ll open the beta for everyone.


I’ve just tried the Instagram Beta and it looks really good. The ability to export to PPT as with FB is really good. Thanks. :+1:


@adebuk, I agree! The new IG feature looks good!


Hi there! Is it not goin to show the follower evolution?


For history in instagram no - but for the current profiles in a few days once the data gather you will see the evolution


Yes, that what i meant

Thanks a lot!