Print Friendly Pages or Reports


I try to print the pages stats but they are not printer friendly. Right now I screen shot, but this feature would be nice to print the graphs etc. Alternative would be report(s) we could pull so it can be shared with team members.


I see what you mean - trying to see if it’s doable easy and fast.
But anyways - when we do the whole whitelabel feature we’ll maybe want to change the tech stack that we use to generate the pdfs.


Hi - when can I add my own Logo to PDF for Company Report branding? Thanks.


Now you can. Check out Whitelabel reports


Aweosome thanks for this feature!


Love the new PPT format but some of the data is missing. It is also placing empty pages in between sections. For example the last section about the location of the fans is not printing on the PPT.


Uh, oh - this happens on some combination of operating systems / ppt viewers.
Can you help us fix it by sending the offending ppt and operating system details (windows / mac / linux and version) and ppt viewer (keynote / powerpoint) to [email protected]?



Happens on Win8, PPT 2016


Thanks, we’ll test some regressions on that combo to see what peculiarities arise.



PPT isn’t working for me very well. I don’t have MS PowerPoint and pptx files from social insider don’t open properly in OpenOffice.

Is there a way around? Or some kind of converter?

Short video:



Thanks for telling us about it. We’ll debug and fix this.


I tried with open office to see what should we do to get the ppts open right and unfortunately it seems too much work right now to properly handle it. Can you try another ppt reader like microsoft’s powerpoint reader :slight_smile:


sorry for late answer. Yes, I got a ppt viewer. Thanks