Pages in folders - feature request


Now you can group the facebook pages into folders.
Add, delete, move pages around - the usual - you get the idea.

Reorder and Group Monitored Pages

It looks like i´m complaining about everything but I´m not, those are just ideas ok…

I know that this is a quick and dirty fix as many people have been asking it. In the future I will love to see this feature more advanced.

  • Ability to sort folders around
  • Hide/see what it´s inside
  • Create Folder inside Folders (For example, create a Folder for each project/cliet, and the ability to create different subfolders per project)
  • Color codes will be great too.

Thanks a lot!


I’m saying no only to the folders in folders thing. Rest of them we’ll put them in the backlog.


Any plans to allow reordering and / or grouping of pages in the Monitored pages list. A small thing but it would make checking easier.


Hey there. That’s a good idea and it has been mentioned a couple of times lately by our users.

It made our roadmap so it’s going to get done in the following period.


I think this is the most asked feature after the whitelabel one.
Thankfully it’s not that hard to implement :slight_smile:


Fantastic - it will certainly make my life easier :slight_smile:


Yeah, if you have multiple companies you want to do specific things for. Plus, one huge list on the left is just too sloppy.


An option to set up folders by business vertical would be excellent.

But so would being able to search the All Pages in a folder when searching for posts containing specific keyword terms.

Juz Sayin - Might be VERY useful :sunglasses:


We have folders now. Fresh - released 6 hours ago.


That’s great but now how do I get existing pages in my list into newly made folders?


Massive improvement on usability Razvan.
Keep it up guys!

(Romanian wife! :smiley: )


Hey Deadintolt,

You can drag and drop pages from a folder to another :smiley:


Hey there!

Here’s a short how to group the FB pages and multi-compare the pages in folder:

Sep-26-2017 20-56-16

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the folder icon

  2. Name your folder

  3. Drag and drop the Facebook pages or add a new one

  4. Click on the folder name, and you’ll get a multi-compare view for all the pages in that folder.

  5. Get an eye-bird view for the fan count, total engagement, and total posts in the period, posts evolution and engagement daily evolution. `