LinkedIn Analytics


It would be nice to have LinkedIn on the platform. No Twitter because there are many software that offer Twitter analtics. But LinkedIn no, and it will grow. Regards


I have the strong impression that linkedin it’s going to be really easy. The only thing we’re on the fence about twitter is just the argument you said - it seems to be a commodity now.

At the moment we’re still improving facebook and instagram.



Great Razvan, coming soon


Linkedin would be a valuable addition to Social Insider. I conduct online market researches for my customers, and this tool has potential to become the one platform for revealing 1st level social authority. Linkedin is very important when we want to research for B2B authority.

I wouldn’t leave Twitter out of this, either. Even though a lot of tools offer Twitter analysis, I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to use a stack of tools to achieve one goal, which in this case is corporate social media analysis.

Good job so far, anyways!


LinkedIN is really important for business that work B2B