Keyword Definitions


Is there a way to know the definition/how each stat is defined? For example, I am looking at “engagement” but I am unsure what this means. Does this mean that X amount of people saw the post, or X amount saw + liked/commented/shared or some combination of that?


Engagement is defined by the sum of likes, reactions, shares and comments for each day during the selected period.

Each metric has a tooltip or a short description inside the app. Here’s a helpful screenshot:

More info about the ‘engagement rate’ definition and ‘people talking about this’ metric you’ll find here:


Being a NEWB to SI - I can’t help being totally amazed that SI delivers what it does.

But the explanations do clarify a lot of things.

AND . . . for what we get compared to what SocialBakers would cost monthly for only 5 profiles, blows me away.

Yeah, yeah SocialBakers gets far more granular with their data and how it can broken out, but I (And probably many here) aren’t working with Fortune 500-1,000 companies. That lessens the need and the upside it’s far more affordable.