Instagram Analytics


You guys love the access level we enable them for facebook data.

We want to give you the same for Instagram.

The Timeline

We want to be approved by their platform by mid-September - this is a blocker.

The good news is that to make the Instagram submission you have to have at least 50% of the product done - so you can upload a screen cast for them to approve.

If all goes well, by mid-October we’ll enter the beta-testing stage where the feature will already be available to you - the only difference will be that we do not yet know the number of profiles that we will make available for everybody to scan - this will depend on the cost structure for developing this.

What are your expectations on this ? Are there certain needs you can share with us ?


I would like to see Instagram data similar to the Facebook data: follower count, “super fans” and top performing posts. I believe IG allows 5 profiles managed per user, so that might be a good number to shoot for.


Was under the impression that this was included in the AppSumo deal already - guess that’s what I get for being too excited when reading about a product like yours… :slight_smile:

Definitely will be useful. One of my main goals with such a feature is to be able to ascertain the demographics that existing “competitors” are targeting and what they’re doing in this regard. It would be nice to see how effective their strategies are in these efforts.

Have you considered a demographics function for both Instagram and Facebook?


An awesome feature that I would find reallhy useful is to find the suitable hours to post but in a different way any other tool is doing.
The available tools: Are creating a “activity map” per hour depending when the photo has been posted. Meaning, if photo has been posted at 8pm and it has 1000 likes. Those 1000 likes would be assigned to 8pm. And so on.

What no tool is doing: When a new post is detected at least from our own account, check the engadgement of that photo every hours to get the new engadgements.

This will show in which times the followers are more active instead of showing the posting hours with more engadgement.


+1 on the demographics function.
I’d love to be able to see where the majority of an account’s followers are coming from.
Instagram mostly, but would appreciate it for facebook too.