IG report - Want to get all statistics clarified


Hi all,

I need some help with explaining some statistics thats in the IG PPTX report.

1: Engaged users.


Is this all likes/comments from selected period on all posts combined?

2: Engagement/post


Is this average comments and likes on a post in the selected period?

Why the .133? My clients get confused about parts after the ,

3: Engagement rate/page

Support told me it is’‘That’s the total engagement in the period selected divided by the number of fans the page has’’

I have never seen this kind of stats. How can this be important?


4: Time to post.

Is there any way to check whats the best time to post?

5: Daily top filters.

What is this showing? Have no idea:slight_smile:

6: Top Hashtags.

Is this the most used hashtags from the user? Best performing ones?


Hey there,

Great questions - we will come back (hopefully tomorrow) with a lists of answers.

In the meantime - if you feel there are some metrics that are missing and you would like to see in the report feel free to suggest them so we can implement them.


1: Engaged users.

This represents the sum of all likes and comments for all the posts in the selected period.

2: Engagement/post

As you thought, this is the average comments and likes a post gets.

As for the decimals - that comes from taking the average.

Ex: Post1 : 5 engagement, Post2 : 4 engagement -> 4.5 Average engagement/post

4: Time to post.

This shows the hours the IG profile posts the most. You can get a sense of when that profile is most active.

5: Daily top filters.

This seems a bit off - we might have a bug there. It should be the same as the Top Filters section of the dashboard and show the most used filters by that respective profile for that period. (normal being no filter)

6: Top Hashtags.

The top 10 hashtags the user used. They are the most used ones as we couldn’t reach consensus on determining what are the best performing ones.

(I will update this answer with the missing info for number 3)


Thanks for the quick reply!

Am i right there is only a ‘‘profile growth by interval’’ and no ‘‘profile growing growth selected period’’?

90% of my clients wants one stat at the end of the month. The total growing numbers of that period :slight_smile: