I have Social Media VAs - How Many Users Per Account?


I have 2 Social Media Virtual Assistants I need to be using Social Insider data I have collected in my account.

I need to be able to log in the same time as they are logged into my account.

One works a morning 8-hour shift and the other an evening 8-hour shift.

Do have to pay for 2 more Pro accounts so they can be logged into my account at the same time?

OR… Can they be logged into my account at the same time as I am for training or collaboration?

Please Advise,
Mike C.



At the moment the only way to do this is by sharing credentials.

In the future we will migrate to another type of authentication strategy that can support this kind of activities.


Good to know Andrei. I Be LUVIN Social Insider. Especially the new Drag-N-Drop folder feature. Makes organizing data SO much easier.