How can I get historical data for my pages?


In the ‘add page’ dialog, click on ‘need more data’ and choose a proper timerange for you.

If you want more than one year of past data, email us at with the Facebook name and the period needed.

We apply this rule to protect the load on our systems.

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Please help me creat custom ranger more than 2 month
Be Great To Get More History

if you want more than a year give us an email at or ping us on chat and we’ll be happy to schedule a history scan for you (bear in mind that for pages with 2-3k of posts/month this may take up to 9 hours)

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Hi guys , love what this can do , but it would be ten times better if it could dig back further. Often rather than digging a lot of competitors for 2 moths, digging one main competitor for a year or two as to whats popular would be FAR more beneficial.

Clearly that presents a database size issue, but perhaps if each account could have one slot where we can dig back at least 12 months and preferably 24 months???


hey, mathew!

Here’s a helpful guide on how to get more than two months of historical data. If the page is already in the dashboard, you need to re-add the page and choose in the ‘add page’ dialog a proper time range.


So we could only always generate reports for 2 month slices?


When you add a page - select up to 1 year of history scan. Remember that that scan is not instant - you’ll have to wait up to 30 minutes for it to finish.

Then do all the reports you wish.