Facebook Groups


It seems everything I want to monitor is a group and not a page. Why are pages ok to monitor but not groups?



Hey there,

We haven’t implemented monitoring of Facebook Groups. The focus was on watching what the competitor pages are doing. As things changein the Facebook ecosystem we might add the groups option in the future, but as of now it’s not an immediate priority.


I second the need for FB group analytics


I second that, awesome idea :smiley:


This would be awesome, was surprised that it’s not out of the box feature.


+1 for adding group monitoring. FB has changed and add much more organic reach to groups than pages and accordingly many competitors run a group as well as a page.

In addition, much of the best and most viral content is shared inside groups. If you want to track engaging post in your industry, you really need to be tracking groups as well as pages.

I know that the groups API is not as robust as pages but if you could add this, it will greatly improve the platforms usefulness.