Exporting socialinsider data


A lot of users rely on the export feature to create awesome reports.

One of the most common feature requests we got was Whitelisting reports and that made it to our roadmap.

Do you guys have more suggestions about how we can make reporting even more awesome ?


Whitelist reports would be nice!


It would be nice to get an indication of how long the report was going to take. Maybe create it in the background and have a link to that report and all other reports for that monitored page available together - this way the user doesn’t have to wait for the report to render and display before they can do something else on the site.


It would be awesome to have the option to export reports for the Posts tab as well as the Comparison tab. This way I can easily show my prospects/clients how their pages are measuring up to their compeititon, as well as show details about their compeititon’s posts and compare to their own.
So, basically, if I’m on the “page stats” tab and I export a report, it will export the report like it does at the moment. But if I’m on the Posts tab and I export a report, it will export the report that shows the exact info that shows up in the Posts tab…and if I’m on the “Comparison” tab, it will export a report that shows two pages compared side by side (like it does in the comparison tab)

AND one last thing. I have a lot of clients in Cambodia so I’d like Khmer fonts to be visible in the pdf downloads. At the moment in the “post results” section, all the texts shows up as blank squares. Here is an example…scroll down to “post results” to see what I mean.


Hey drschoo. Reporting every section from the dashboard seems like a good ideea and we will look into implementing it soon.

We’re looking into including Khmer fonts to the current list of supported ones.

Thanks for the feedback


Report generation typically lasts about a minute at the moment, but it’s a good idea to give some visual feedback of that. Thanks for the feedback, we’re going to think about how we can do this reliably, as well as ways of speeding up the report generation process.


We love our community and like the feedback we get.

That’s why we took one step towards whitelabeling and removed the branding from our reports today.


We’ve been working hard on generating the reports faster and in a more useful way.

Here’s a sample of what they will look like:

By popular demand it’s going to be in an editable presentation format. Stay tuned :smiley:


It got released. Check it out here: Whitelabel reports