Export PDF report of posts tab, comparison tab and fans tab


At the moment it is only possible to export a report pdf that is of the overall page stats, but it would be super handy for me if there were the options to export the results in the Posts tab, and Compare tab. This way, when I’m putting together proposals for prospects or when I’m putting together reports for clients, I can easily show the details of their competitions post results as well as show them how their page is measuring up to their competition.
At the moment I hate to take screenshots of the tabs in social insider and then splice them all together in photoshop and save as pdf. Which is very time consuming since I have a lot of clients.


And it’s such a shame we don’t have this yet especially for the compare tab which Andrei designed beauuutifully!


Yes, +1 for this. I need report based on the tab, i.e., posts and comparison reports.


I would also like to see this feature added (and found this thread when I looked to see if it had already been suggested). I recognize the posts tab could be difficult due to it being multi-page, but I’d think the comparison tab shouldn’t be too difficult since it’s one page and the formatting is similar to the page stats tab that is already being exported nicely.


Indeed - the basis for this work was laid.
But we want to keep with our schedule of:

  • digging further into boosted posts ie. paid vs organic media
  • instagram
  • fixes on fans module

This means we’ll delay compare ppt export. for a month or so.