Content Library


I would be really great if for competitor’s posts it was possible to favorite, add notes, and add tags to them.

So for example lets say Coca Cola’s Facebook was being monitored in one of my projects, and they make a really creative post about Christmas that I would like to reference later. I would like to be able to favorite the post, write a note to myself about what stood out, and stick a tag titled “holiday” or “Christmas” on it (or place it in a folder). So then once Chirstmas comes around I can go to a content library folder titled “Chirstmas” and reference the post and my notes about it.

As a bonus, this would be great if it was something that could be filtered at both the level of an individual project and all projects together.


This is such a great idea and it ties well with things we are exploring at the moment.

We just added the search capability to the dashboard as a first step towards this.

We’ll think of ways of allowing tags, notes and maybe get them released in a useful form in the dashboard.

Cheers for such a suggestion :heart_eyes:


This is an awesome idea. I love it.