Connecting Facebook API



I just purchased SocialInsider account and tried connecting my Facebook API (Setting->Connected Accounts) however, the button isn’t working…


Hey there,

It would be easier for us to help via the in-app chat :).

Usually the culprit with these cases is an extension blocking facebook scripts - Eg: Ghostery

Can you check you have those disabled ?


Hi Andrei,

Well, I wanted to contact via in-app chat however, I can’t find where it is located…

Regarding extensions, I disabled everything I had but it didn’t help.


Hey there,

The in-app chat should look like this:

It’s Intercom, should work well with all the browsers.

Tested the login flow it for your account with chrome and things worked well.

Say hi in the app-chat when you get a chance. It would be much easier to get to the bottom of this.

By the way - what browser are you using ?


Got everything sorted out. Chrome was not displaying chat box and API button was inactive, Firefox did the job…

Thank you for your help!