Can Social Insider Instagram #hashtag search sort by country?


Can Social Insider Instagram #hashtag search sort by country?


At the moment no, but this is very relevant info we should provide soon. Probably in 2-3 weeks we’ll have it.


Spectacular Rezvan, this be approximately 20+ minutes less work for agencies. We save time and money for agencies = your buyer persona. Regards.


This shouln’d take too long - the only uncertainty is the instagram app approval process which may delay us, but not for long i think


Update: I checked the instagram developer page and they are blocking any requests for their platform.
A quick internet search tells me that they are moving to the fb graph api and until then everything is frozen. So this is a bigger than expected roadblock but once they move their api and begin to re-accept submissions for more data, we’ll carry on with demographics in instagram (assuming they don’t do like in facebook which is block demographics access to competition pages altogether).