Can I get the list of people that liked a certain page?


With you get only the list of Facebook users who engaged with it. In our tests, we observed that >95% of people in this list also liked the page.

#2 offers even better: the facebook users who interacted with that page via comments or reactions - and you can even filter them by reaction type - sad / angry / like.


Sure that is more useful, but one month span for finding fans isn’t really that great.


Storing that much data is the problem, at the moment. We’re constantly trying to find technical solutions that would make sense from a cost/performance perspective and once we find one, we deliver the improved results to all our users. We hope we can improve this soon.


Sure that would probably be too much.There is a very elegant solution to that though. Keep one or two month period as a window for downloading the data but make it possible to move that time window X months back.


Or if it’s possible, we have an option to connect our Gdrive (or whatever cloud storage) to store our monthly historical data. This is important for analyzing Page movement.

Similar like Wordpress site backup mechanism but not daily/weekly. Monthly is enough.


I am not sure that the solution you are suggesting is elegant. Are you happy to see only the period (or rolling period) you specify? So the system does not need to worry about the data before and after?

If I am missing the point of your proposed solution, please clarify.


Yes if I could see and download the list of people who liked the page within a certain time window that would be perfectly fine. I could change that time window 12 times and get all the people’s profiles who liked a certain page in the last year.


Where is that option Adina to download engaged users?


Go to the Fans Tab, wait until the fans cards information are complete, then click on ‘Download the complete list here’. Here’s a helpful screenshot: Untitled design (49)


That list only got 20 names. But I was told SocialInsider will provide full list in 2 - 3 weeks time.


I’m curious Vanda-Chan - those 20 names came from a page that had how much engagement for time period you did get to download.


This is really the biggest shortcoming for me with this tool. In my experience, the fans who engage with posts are typically friends and family of the brand owners, so 15-20 people really isn’t giving me an accurate depiction when I go to create a custom audience.

Once you can store all the people the like a page, I would find this tool extremely valuable. Until then, how do I take advantage of your money back guarantee?

I haven’t found an easy way to contact your support team…


Only within the last 30 days with Fans that have at least 1 engagement (Like, Share or Comment). So if your page only got 10 fans that engaged, you will only get 10 names.

However, if you have more than 20 fans that engaged (most of the time YES if the post was promoted) , right now you still get the top 20 fans list. SocialInsider told me there are fixing this and we should be able to download the full list of engaged fans in 2 - 3 weeks time.


Oh, we’re everywhere - on drift, on email (, here. If you purchased the app via a partner you’d have to talk to them for a refund, since they charged you in the first place :slight_smile: