Can i get location based data


So what posts for a certain # are doing well, but only with UK based accounts, for example? Its this a thing?


Hey Mont,

We’ll have to look into this, but i haven’t seen this as a thing that Instagram offers us.

Will get back with a more in depth reply when I get more details.


Thanks Andrei! I guess you would think you could pull the data based on the location tags with the post…

looking forwad to hearing what oyu come back with!


So - checked the info we get and it looks like we get location information for some posts - the poster has to enable it.

Quite a lot of posts have it so what we can do is create a country distribution for the posts related to a hashtag and then maybe allow you as a user to filter them by country.

Does it sound like something that you would find useful ?

You can also share some details about the way you would like to have this implemented so we get a better picture of what to build.


Hey Andrei, just seen your response here and that i didn’t reply! I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with instagram’s recent changes - but yes this would be really useful. Understanding where # are trending would be really useful. Just understanding what kinds of foods are popular in the the UK vs US for example, would be useful. OR seeing that in UK people like x beers whereas in Scotland they like Y. So being able to filter results by location would be great…