Can I get fans' emails, age or location from the competitive pages?


Through the Facebook API we cannot get users’ emails, age or location. However, it gives us the Facebook_id which might help you create a better buyer persona for your business.



I suspect that it will be possible to come up with a very good composite profile even though the individual’s identity is still protected.


might be useful to have a bulk look up tool which one could upload a list of IDs and get back general demographic info on the group as a whole


Be aware that new GDPR which is European Union data protection regulations coming in will be very strict when it comes to personal data. It also increases risk to everyone who has personal data whether they have it in a email database or as customer information from purchases and locally in a downloaded format.

If you think because you are based in the US or international you wont be affected you are wrong as any persons data from the EU falls under this regulation.

Facebook will become very strict to ensure they will not fall foul of the regulations which means even extracting user profile ID’s might be impacted.

If you dont need to have the data then dont extract it. The fines are going to be very punitive and works out to up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater).

Personal data is being sold as a commodity especially accurate data like facebook profiles. Be careful with this.