Bulk Report Download and Auto Scheduled Reports


Two feature requests that I think would help a lot of freelancers with several clients, here goes:

  1. Instead of having only the option to download individual reports one by one, why not have a feature that lets you download all or multiple selected reports for clients in one go? This would cut labour and save a lot of time.

  2. This feature can tie in with the above, it would be great if we could schedule these reports for every day, week, month or year… to be emailed or Dropboxed etc to clients automatically again this would be a huge time saver as opposed to going through each client and manually downloading reports.



These are very good suggestions.

We were thinking about adding the second point mentioned by you to the dashboard.
Having the possibility to email reports to our users based on some preferences.

Thanks for reinforcing our hunch :smiley:


Auto-scheduled white labeled emails sent out with the report to clients would be :gift:


I fully support automatic report generation