Boosted Posts Analysis


New graphs will show:

  • boosted posts over time,

  • engagement in boosted vs. organic posts,

  • multi-page comparison of competitive sponsored efforts, etc.


YES yes yes yes yes yes yes!


This will be awesome. Looking forward to have it :slight_smile:


Hi Nitesh!

Boosted posts is just the beginning on the road to ‘competition paid media insights’.
We can come up with some smart ways to figure out ‘the budget for some of the competitions’ campaigns’.

This is so important and it’s important we do it right - not to hurry too much into it. It’s also a fun project because we get the chance to do some machine learning on this data.

Basically the inputs we use to determine is a post is boosted or not are

  • the engagement evolution
  • the category / sub-category of the page
  • the fan count
  • the engagement in the current time interval
  • other seemingly random facts: is it close to black friday in the US? is it close to halloween? is it the start of the summer and the page is in the travel category? Stuff like that.

This we feed into a neural network or some other AI apparatus and … fingers crossed :smiley:



Sounds great! I like this tool already and look forward to any future improvements… excellent value.


Want and would be super valuable.


Tomorrow i’m starting on this, since i’m done this week with the folders and move pages features and the multi compare page for folder pages.