Are hashtags for instagram coming back?


It’s all in the title, I found the ability to analyse hashtags one of the most useful features, so it would be great if it was coming back…


I searching the same as well. There is a bunch of services which offer hashtag research and stats and some of them are free(with some daily limits). I don’t know why socialinsider is behind them…


Interested in this too, was a great plus.


Hey guys,

The reason for dropping Hashtag support in Socialinsider is that we migrated to the new version of the Instagram API. This does not offer hashtag monitoring capabilities as of yet and we’re hoping they will include this in the future.

We also had some issues with data reliability (not all tagged posts being provided) as well as very low rate limits imposed that would make gathering data almost impossible for the majority of hashtags out there.

Once they implement this feature in the new API we might revive this feature.