Any chance of change time zone?


Is it possible to change the time zone?

RIght now UTC is set up but I didn’t find where to change it.


Not possible right now - but we should talk. I’d want to know where this impacts you (i’m assuming user comments times?) to see how to implement this better.


I was thinking more in Instagram.

My target audience is in Spain. Spanish, as English, is spoken in many countries but it differs a bit depending on the region.

My idea is to use this tool to gather more information about hashtags, and select those which are more relevant for my audience (Spain).

Then taking into account that the busiest times on Instagram are (roughly) 2pm & 5pm-8pm I can’t imagine that this hashtag is addecuate to target Spain:

Whereas this one is more used in Latin Amrerica:

Having the ability to select an Spanish time will be clearer for me.

Thanks a lot!


Has this been resolved? Really want to change it to AEST here in Australia.


Fixing it this week. Going live at next iteration release