Active Fans .CSV File Data for Facebook Custom Audiences


Hi guys,

Is it possible to include more data in the Active Fans lists so that we can create Custom Audiences on Facebook?

Or at least break the data in the CSV file into 1 column - First Name, 1 column - Second Name.

Right now we can export the .CSV files but I don’t know what to do with it as it won’t work in Custom Audiences.


Custom audience
Custom audience

We could look into creating a better formatted CSV that might be more useful. Your second suggestion sounds good, we will look into adding it to our roadmap :slight_smile: Thanks


yes it’s big value. We need first name, surname separately. And some app id for it.


Hi, why the import of fans is not ready for create custom audience? We need first name, surname separately. And some id for it.


Well, if this is somehow possible to copy active fans from a our competitor facebook page to our page by creating a custom audience, my 1000+ votes to this feature. :slight_smile:


Be careful re custom audiences.

  1. It’s against FB’s ToS
  2. FB is not stupid, and has been through this bollocks before - and takes no prisoners (anyone remember 2014?)
  3. The ad platform and audience insights and retargeting/engagement options are now phenomenal tools
  4. SocialInsider adds to the full picture
  5. Being a spammer isn’t sustainable - resist the temptation (controversial opinion, but there it is)


Hi Ian,

I wasn’t aware of the TOS. I just had a read up on google and found them. Thank you for the heads up.

I guess then I’m a little lost as to why we have the ability to download a .CSV of active fans for a page. What is the reasoning behind this then, if not for targeting purposes?

Genuinely curious.


Bang on. You can’t do it anymore anyway as they have a new system to hide the actual user id’s but Ian is 100% right. I remember 2014 and people dropped like flies. They were good times when it worked but they are long gone and not needed these days anyway.


I’m new in FB ads. As we can’t use the fans data for custom audience, what do you guys use SocialInsider for, in relation to FB ads?


If you can export the fans CSV with just the fans ID is already good enough for me


Facebook knows if the user is linked to a page you own, so you can’t create a custom audience based on the person ID.


I agree, because of one of the main reason I purchased this service was for this feature but it looks like you can not use it to help enhance your custom audience from what I am reading on this topic. Makes me wonder what is the use of exporting fans out?